South Shore Fly Casters is an inclusive community of fly fishermen and women located on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Our ethos is to make fly fishing accessible to anyone who is interested in the sport, regardless of skill level or experience. We are committed to making the club open to whomever wants to join.

Our goal is to provide members with a community and social environment with which strong bonds can be formed as well as education on all aspects of the sport of fly fishing.



Support from our membership base is vital in our ability to continue to build our community and offer unique resources, events, and activities.

In keeping with the inclusive nature of the club, we require no financial obligation in order to participate.

However, if you do wish to contribute, all proceeds go toward funding club activities and operations, which include speakers and presenters, events, and administrative expenses.

In return of your financial commitment, we have worked closely with our partners to make your dollar go a long way by providing generous benefits to enhance your fly fishing experience.

Contributing Member

$100 Annual Due

● 1 raffle ticket to each club meet-up - $30 value
● SSFC logo trucker hat and sticker - $30 value
● Free admission to Presentation Nights (3 / year) - $60 value
Access to SSFC branded apparel & accessories

Supporting Member

$50 Annual Due

● SSFC sticker - $5 value
● Free admission to Presentation Nights (3 / year) - $60 value
● Raffle tickets are $5 each
Access to SSFC branded apparel & accessories

General Member


● Can attend any club meet-up at no charge
● Raffle tickets are $5 each
● $20 admission fee for Presentation Nights


Contact us directly for more information about our membership options.
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